mikumi national park

Situated just 283km west of Dar es Salaam, Mikumi National Park (3,230 sq km) is a wildlife treasure, teaming with lion, elephant, giraffe, buffaloes, zebra and antelope. Several all-season water holes provide a safe haven for wallowing hippo, crocodiles and a myriad of stunning waders. Over 400 bird species have been recorded here, including the yellow-throated longclaw, bateleur eagle and lilac-breasted roller. The large open grasslands of the popular Mkata floodplain liken the Mikumi National Park to the more famous Serengeti National Park. Acacia woodlands are also present, providing the visitor with a diverse array of habitats to enjoy. The three main lodges are located in prime locations for game viewing. There are also guest houses available in Mikumi town, on the park border. Getting to Mikumi National Park Mikumi National Park is accessible year round, with a road connecting Mikumi to Dar es Salaam via Morogoro. The drive takes about 4 hours. There are also roads that connect the park to Udzungwa, Ruaha and Selous (dry season only). In addition there are charter flights from Dar es Salaam, Arusha or Selous, while buses run from Dar es Salaam to the park’s headquarters. From there, games drives and guided walks can be organised.